This blog is for the discussion of the Anti-Christ.  Much internet traffic has surfaced accusing our president of being the Anti-Christ.  This blog is dedicated to learning more about the Anti-Christ (and the general term, anti-christ) 

The host of this blog requests that opinions of the contributors are clearly identified.  Please also include references to the Bible, Torah, Talmud, Qur'an and other scholerly documents.  Note that references to wikipedia should include whether the article is verified or not.

Feminism: sounds good in theory; but, rather a mess in practice.

Okay, so yes, I am extrelmely interested in Women's Spirituality and the different movements which comprise Feminist Theology. However, I completely reject political feminism. Within the physical world women AREN'T the same as men and thus there is no equality to be had. Women are physiologically different. Period. Trying to level the playing field is inequitable to BOTH sides. 

Plus, I don't WANT to be treated like a man. Men do not suffer through a week of hell every month.

The Day the Wind Stopped Blowing BLOG


This blog is for a discussion of the book "The Day the Wind Stopped Blowing".  Please add any comments you would like to add below.   The book is available at ""

A rally worth going to DC to attend.

The title was taken from a friend's entry in Facebook.  The resulting space got crowded with entries and my friend asked us to "Give it up" and with due respect to our friend, after all, it is his "wall" we have offered to continue the discussion here.

If the participants would like, they may repost their entries here.  However, note that we cannot copy the entries from Facebook because of copyright issues.

National Retail Sales Tax (FairTax)

The purpose of this blog is to answer questions and objections to the FairTax that those genuinely interested in changing from the 16000 page tax code to one that actually makes sense.  If you prefer to study the plan rather than ask questions and receive replies, I refer you to  This blog is public, however the owner reserves the right to block any discussion that is not appropriate and on point.

Why are they doing that?

This blog is for discussing the current activities. Comments about the day's or week's news should be added here.
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