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This site is intended to host articles of inspirational, moral, religious, and political issues. It will in the near future contain pages added by author and selected others who wish to post opinions or start discussions. A blog section is added to discuss various subjects that are of interest to our participants, who, by the way, are invited to suggest to the author.  Since the main objective of this site is to create "books" for our readers, we are hopeful that the blogs will provide fodder for the articles.

This content management system is organized into "books" as well as pages. Initially the books will be organized into general subject areas, Inspirational, Religious, Philosophical, and Political. As it grows we will add books as necessary. To get to the particular book of interest, click on the subject under "Book navigation" on the left.

The following poem, hopefully, will temper our views by readjusting our perspective. To find the complete poem, click on Welcome -> The Beauty of Emotions.

Depression is like a cloud, that never goes away,
To let us mull over things, that don't matter anyway.
Happiness is like a flower, blooming into something more,
Perhaps to help us through problems and solutions galore...

Caitlyn Markwalter


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Site and Personal Policy

The Beauty of Emotions

By Caitlyn Markwalter

Depression is like a cloud
That never goes away
To let us mull over things
That don't matter anyway

Happiness is like a flower
Blooming into something more
Perhaps to help us through
Problems and solutions galore

Anger is like thunder
Tearing through the sky
Hurting hearts, ruining lives
Though people may ask why

Love is like a bubble
That can come and go
When one pops, there's another
When it's there, you'll know.

Loneliness is like a tree
A tree in the plains of grass
Where it is all alone
Just letting the time pass.

Joy is like an infection
But, in a good way
Spreading to everyone through a smile
Who knows who you'll cheer up today.

Envy is a disease
Infecting every one
If only we can stop
We can surely see the sun

Smiles are contagious
There's nothing to hide
Don't be afraid
Let the bad feelings subside.