2016 Application For Employment

The following letter and attached application has been devised for concerned citizens to get a more accurate picture of the candidates for president. We hope you will use these or versions of these for your personal use. If you get responses, we can publish those responses here to make them available publicly.

A copy of the "application" is enclosed below. If you wish a .pdf copy, you may obtain one by requesting it from http://www.felixlovesliz.com and selecting the Contact Us page

Dear Sir or Madam,

Attached please find an application for the job of President of the United States.

I have received a number of requests for support including your candidate. I am confused about the positions of your candidate because the media are giving opinions rather than objective reporting and sound bites rather than detailed interviews to permit objective evaluation as to whether I agree. Because I have limited resources, I must pick one candidate and do whatever I can do to help him/her to win the election.

I realize the candidate does not have time to answer requests of this nature, but you, a member of his campaign staff must be sure that the answers accurately represent his position.

I also realize that a candidate may change his position on issues as the campaign progresses. Should this happen, I hope you are able to report this change so I can include it in my evaluation.

Response by email is preferable but mail is acceptable. Please contact by using the Contact Us page in http://www.felixlovesliz.com for an address or email address to send your results.

Thank you for your attention.

Employment Application

Position: President of the United States

Personal Information

Name:______________________________________________ Address:____________________________________________ Married: Name of Spouse:____________________________ Date of Birth:_____________________________________________ Place of Birth:_____________________________________________

Employment Record:

Please enter employment record for last ten years. You may add sheets if necessary. Ref. Year from Year to Organization Position Reason for Leaving Organization History Using reference number from above table please state the organization history during that period.
Ref +/-Employees Profit/Loss Change of Networth Change of Debt



Date Graduated__________________________




Please Rank in order of importance where 1 is least and 9 is most. For binary question enter 0 for no and any other number for true. If options are provided, use the number of the option. For other, please enter an answer under Comments. </tr>
Number Question Response
1 When have you last read the US Constitution? (Enter 1 in last year, 2 in the last 2 years, ... 9 in greater than 8 years)
2 When have you referred to the US Constitution to better understand the founders' intent? (Enter 1 in last year, 2 in the last 2 years, ... 9 in greater than 8 years)
3 How important is transparency relative to items 4 – 5?
4 How important is integrity relative to items 3, 5?
5 How important is security relative to items 3-4?
As President, the more important jobs are (assign numbers to items 10 - 18):
10 Making sure all citizens have equatable incomes.
11 Making sure all citizens have adequate medical care.
12 Administering the Laws made by the Congress.
13 Defending the Constitution.
14 Answering to the United Nations and administering agreements passed by that body.
15 Making treaties with foreign governments.
16 Regulating corporations in the United States.
17 Issuing executive orders to address problems that exist in the United States.
18 Funding select companies to advance development of products to advance objectives currently accepted by the United States (eg. Development of Alternative energy)
Personal Convictions (0 for no and any other number for yes). These convictions may or may not be governed by current U.S. Law.
30 A woman has the right to abort an unwanted pregnancy at any time.
31 A woman or institution has the right to direct or indirect funding from the government for an abortion.
32 The best tax system for the United States is: 1. the current system, 2. a flat tax, 3. the FairTax, 4. Other:
33 Have you read the law known as the FairTax (at http://www.fairtax.org)?
34 Will you actively campaign for the FairTax?
35 Does an individual or company have the right to avoid association with another individual or to provide service to an individual because of religious beliefs?
36 Should tributes, otherwise know as Foreign Aid, be discontinued to any country that hosts international terrorism, or expresses the intention or desire to destroy United State or its allies?
37 Should the United Congress pass laws that subjugate articles of the Constitution (eg. The current law concerning approval of the an agreement with Iran regarding the development of a nuclear bomb)?
38 Have you read and do you agree with the underlying principles(from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy) of libertarians (also available at http://www.politico..cat/node/23)?
39 Where is your primary source of News? 1. New York Times, 2. Washington Post, 3. National Review, 4. Major Broadcast Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC), Cable News: 5. CNN, 6. MSNBC, 7. FOX, 8. Other (please enter in comments below)
40 Where do you get your economic news? 1. The Economist, 2. Foundation for Economic Education, 3. Other (please enter in comments below.)
41 Have you ever conducted a study in which you have successfully proven a hypothesis with objective (scientific) data?
42 Have you ever conducted a successful experiment? Designed or built any successful project?
43 Have you ever headed a company for which you have been responsible for meeting payroll, taxes and benefits for at least 3 or more employees for at least 24 months?
44 Have you ever defaulted on those obligations?
45 Have you ever held a mortgage, credit card debt or student loan? Have you ever defaulted on those obligations?
46 Have you ever held a job as a waiter, in retail, in farming, in a factory, at minimum wage (or less), or other service positions?
47 Have you ever been accused formally or convicted of fraud?
48 As commander in chief, to what extent would you go to defend the constitution? 0. none, 1. give your life, 2. forfeit your property, 3. forfeit your freedom, 4. other ____
49 In what organization(s) have you served that employ a hierarchical. Command structure? 0. none, 1. Armed Forces, 2. National Guard, 3. Sheriff's Department, 4. Police Department, 5. Civil Air Patrol, 6. Scout
50 Have you personally filled out and submitted Form 1040 and associated forms in the last 0. Never 1. five years, 2. ten years, 3. ever?
51 Should companies be limited as to the profit they make? 0. No, >0. percentage that they should be limited to.
52 Assuming the current tax laws, should companies be taxed in addition to individuals, representing effectively a double taxation on what companies produce? 0. No, 1. Yes

Comments (you may add comments on the back or on additional sheet if you like.)