Lists of Anti American, Israeli Organizations

Some organizations that operate in the US should be looked at if you support the US and Israel. We hope you will think twice before dealing with these organizations:


The following organizations restrict trade with Israel by selling holdings in Israel.

  • 1. Starbucks has closed shops in Israel, preferring to keep shops open in Muslim countries.
  • 2. General Assembly of Presbyterian Church USA voted in 2012 to divest..
  • 3. Methodist Church general conference voted in 2014 to divest..

Note that Lutheran Church of America is silent on divestment and Episcopal Church prefers "positive investment" rather than divestment.

Disrespect of American Flag, Colors, or History

The following organizations have taking actions that express disrespect for the United States and its history.

  • 1. Nike, who provided uniforms for Women's World Cup team, refused to use American Colors, Red White, and Blue in their uniforms..