Protect our children

I can’t take credit for the following for I was unable to find the post of the originator. It was the first that used a combination of proven techniques rather than promoting only one.

1. Install metal detectors at only entrances that are open for entry. Other doors will be one way out in case of fire or like emergencies. They could be used as exits as long as no one is permitted to enter by an armed monitor. This method has more than proved itself at airports and other venues.

2. Allow trained armed “monitors” to patrol the grounds. These monitors may be hired ex-military or volunteers with firearm safety and use training. I’m sure the NRA, who has ready made courses, would make them available.

3. Allow, not require, qualified teachers to carry concealed weapons. Teachers opposed to weapons would not be required to have one.

4. For emergency drills, secretly randomize the locations of armed personnel.

5. Practice active shooter situations in combination with other drills. Note that part of the success of the shooter in Parkland was due to the confusion of the fire alarm.

6. Advertise the fact that there are armed personnel on the school grounds. Cowards avoid hardened targets.

Because there are so many weapons available, and evil persons always seem to find a way to get them, these measures can be implemented the quickest. Where more work needs to be done regarding who can purchase a weapon and what weapons are available and the Federal Government is necessarily slow in passing laws and implementing them, new laws are not necessary to implement the recommendations above.

An FB friend used cost as an argument against the above actions. Thanks for your estimate.

“My relatively small school has 7 different outside doors, that I can think of off the top of my head. Where is the money coming from to hire armed monitors for all of these doors? And again, mine is a small school out of the hundred and forty three in Gwinnett County, I imagine a high school has twice as many access points. 143 schools times an average of 10 doors, times $7.25 (GA minimum wage) times 7 school hours a day, times 180 school days = $13,063,050 for one county in one state.?? Even though there's a sign on the others that says "All visitors must sign in at front office" the kind of person who's coming in to shoot people is not the kind to sign in at the front doors. You can tell students they're exit only, but all it takes is one child letting someone else in the door because they are friend or neighbor or relative.

Using your cost estimate, that would be about $80 per student per year. If families don’t want to pay that for their child’s safety, should they really have children?”

My response: Using your cost estimate, that would be about $80 per student per year. If families don’t want to pay that for their child’s safety, should they really have children?

An advantage of local financing, in this case Gwinnett County, is that citizens there can determine what kind of security they want. If we leave it up to the Federal Government we will get a one-size fits all plan and pay the 75% overhead for its implementation.