Trial by Allegation

Trial by Allegations

We have entered a very dangerous period in our history that can bring down our way of life. We attach too much value to allegations without requiring proof. This tendency seems to arrived at the same time as the over sensitivity to sexual harassment.

We have seen allegations used as a way to destroy two candidates’ campaign for political office and one as a way to try to bring down a president.

In one case, a fine man had to drop out of the presidential race to defend himself against false allegations. In our legal system, the defense cost not only wealth that the object must pay attorneys in legal fees but in significant amounts of time, neither of which is recoverable. In the United States we have media, the public education system, and, to a lesser extent, religious institutions trained in socialist-progressive philosophy which apparently believes the ends justifies the means. As a result, citizens are not exposed to competing ideas and, oft, to facts that are not consistent with the socialist philosophy. It is then expected that citizens are presented with allegations that serve the socialists’ objectives rather than the whole truth. No longer is “Innocent until PROVEN guilty” the watchword of US jurisprudence but how many allegations against an individual can be published.

Adding to the problem is, that often an object chooses to settle out of court rather than devote the time necessary to defend themselves in court. The assumption by the socialist infused institutions is that such settlements indicate guilt on the part of the object rather than the desire of the object just wishing to avoid litigation. Some, as evidenced by a current issue with President Trump, have attorneys authorized to settle cases with agreements with accusers usually accompanied by a payment to make the case go away. The socialist-progressive components then use such cases as if the allegations are true rather than the fact that the object just wanted to avoid litigation and its cost.

A significant effect of the above is that talented people do not make themselves available to serve because of the threat of this happening to them.


Exodus 20:16 You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.


Sirach 26:5 There are three things I dread, and a fourth which terrifies me: Public slander, the gathering of a mob, and false accusation—all harder to bear than death.

The Jerusalem Bible contains scripture, part of which is printed above, that deals with sin that seems to be overwhelmingly pervasive in today’s world. Lives are being destroyed by “allegations”. I’m sure some of them are true, but we have reached a sad state when we demand action on unproven allegations. IMHO a person making an allegation should have proof or the object of the allegation must confess to its truth before any action is warranted. Persons making unproven allegations should face punishment for making them. Further, those spreading an allegation should face the same punishment. That punishment should include not only the damage to the object but to cover the cost of to the public including not only court cost but investigative costs by public law enforcement.

And yes, that includes the press. Our COTUS codifies Freedom of Speech. But the commandment to not bear false witness is a higher law and one that should be included in US law.