Would you buy a new car this way?

I just went to my friendly GM (Government Motors) dealer to buy a new SUV to replace the one I bought 5 years ago.  The one I had was fine for a family car but since I used it in by business, I needed to upgrade it for image sake.  I selected one that both satisfied my requirements and had some additional features that had been introduced since I last purchased a car. 

"No problem", said my friendly salesman.

Sure enough, at least from his standpoint there was no problem.

"Sounds good", I replied, "but I cannot afford the additional amount in the payments".

"Have I got a deal for you.  Just sign this contract to extend your current payments for an additional 6 years beyond your current contract at the same payment rate and you can have that SUV." 

That sounded good and the salesman printed the contract for me to sign.  But having worked with contracts for many years I have learned to read them before I signed.  It seemed like a pretty standard contract except in the section labeled  special provisions, a sentence caught my eye that read "The contract includes by reference the document GM-2010, "Provisions for Extended Payment Plan"".  I asked my friendly saleman if I could review GM-2010 before I signed it. 

"You don't need to", he replied,  "It just contains the standard legalese."

At this point, I wondered if he was hiding something. So I pressed on, to the extent that I got up to leave.

"Let me check with the sales manager."  the saleman reluctantly said rising.

The sales manager came over and told me, "We do not have the exact text for GM-2010 yet but will have it before you take delivery of the car."

"OK", I replied, "but can you tell me what is supposed to be in GM-2010?"

After making it almost to the door on my way out and not signing the contract, the dealer manager caught me to explain what was supposed to be in the document. 

"In order for GM to be able to provide you with the SUV that you want at the price that you want, we have instituted the program covered in GM-2010.  In short, you start making payments on your new SUV now but will not receive delivery on it until 3 years from your contract date."

"But I was going to trade in my old SUV. What am I to drive until I get the new one?" 

Manager, "Oh, you can keep your old SUV. But you would have to make the remaining payments."

After I walked out the door, I wondered how many people have or would sign up for such a deal. 

Now, I am amazed at how many people are supporting the Health Reform Bill that has been passed by the House of Representatives and am even more amazed that the Senate has passed a similar bill.