National Retail Sales Tax (FairTax)

The purpose of this blog is to answer questions and objections to the FairTax that those genuinely interested in changing from the 16000 page tax code to one that actually makes sense.  If you prefer to study the plan rather than ask questions and receive replies, I refer you to  This blog is public, however the owner reserves the right to block any discussion that is not appropriate and on point.


Invitation to Glenn Beck

I was surprised when you blew off the National Retail Sales Tax (FairTax) and even more surprised when you demonstrated your ignorance of the plan.  This isn't what I expect of you.

Having worked on the NRST even before John Linder and Neal Bortz and debated the best on Hannity's blog, I would love to debate it with you, either by email or, preferably on a blog.

You blew off NRST commenting that the exceptions that could be added to the bills that would complicate a new bill even more than the existing tax code.  That is true.  But did you realized that the current bill was a "Flat Tax" that has been perverted to the present code. 

The only thing that will keep the FairTax or the Flat Tax from being perverted is a watchful electorate, leaving the advantage to FairTax because the taxpayers wouldn't even have to fill out a one page form to send.