What You Should Do Now!

I pray that what appears to be happening doesn't.  The eruption of violence at the Pelosi meeting, plus the demonstrations against the AZ law, the SEIU interference at the voting place plus other events suggest that forces for and against progressivism may be headed to more widespread violence.  So I suggest you be prepared!

Establish a contingency plan

1) if your family is separated during the day, establish a meeting point somewhere outside the metropolitan area like a park or small town where you can meet.

2) Get a means of communication other than a cell phone, (you may purchase a ham radio, it is legal to use them in an emergency without a license). 

3) Set up code phrases with your family to use to verify whether or not you are free and are telling the truth and to trigger your contingency plan.

4) Discuss with your family events which will trigger actions on your part to leave the area. Loss of communication or takeover of communications by government agencies coupled with reports of widespread violence usually serve as good clues. 

5) Have a days provisions, food and clothing, available so you can leave within an hour.

6) Pray that this situation does not get uglier.