You may be a progressive if:

You believe the government can manage your health care better than you can.

You believe that the government can manage corporations (like General Motors, Chrysler) better than the stock holders.

You believe that profit is evil, that the rich (often retirees, retirement funds, and the elderly) should not profit from their investments that provide new jobs to our citizens.

You believe that security is more important than freedom.

You believe that the "Declaration of Independence" and "Constitution of the United States" are outdated and no longer applicable.

You believe that Social Justice means that the government should take from one group of people and give to another.  Like from the rich to the poor, one geographic area (states with surpluses) to other geographic areas (New York, California)

You believe that the government has the right to transfer ownership of property from one person or group to another person or group. Like from an individual who pays little taxes to a corporation who pays, or promises to pay more taxes. Or like from investors in a company (Chrysler comes to mind) to the union.

You believe that capitalism has failed because 10% of our employees are currently unemployed instead of the natural reaction of insecure employers to the effects of a very complicated health care program and other government programs.

You believe that the answer to the housing problem caused by giving loans to people to buy homes that could not pay them back is to give more loans to people who cannot pay them back.

You believe that the form of government instituted by our founders is a democracy.