Ten Reasons to oppose Government Run Health Care.

The following article is a consolidation of comments on a socialwebsite made by me and augmented by comments by Mary Elizabeth Toddwho has given me permission to incorporate her comments here. 

Some believe that if the "Health Care Reform" is passed, we, the citizens can repeal the law by electing a different majority this fall.  Where that may be true, remember that it takes 2/3rds majority to repeal a law over the presidents veto!  Also beware of language in the Senate Bill that changes procedures that will at least slow the Senate from modifying the law if not prevent it.

1. Abortion

Even though supporters claim that abortion on request is not "in the plan", it is.SCOTUS has ruled that abortion is a medical procedure and as such must be funded under Federal Programs. It is my understanding that it must be explicitly prohibited by law to remove it. What about the doctors and nurses and other medical practitioners for whom it is against their faith to do an abortion for any reason? Do we make them go against their faith or lose their employment? I know one who would chose to give up being a doctor if forced to do so. There is something very wrong with this.

2. Rationing

Under discussion already is a plan to restrict payments to specialists for certain tests -- Electrocardiograms for Cardiologists, in office treatments for Oncologists and the like --in Medicare payments to reduce costs. Reducing costs in the plan IMPLIES rationing across the board. Rationing is already known across the board in England and Canada. If the costs get too much what would happen here? Who would be cut out? What services in our old age would have been deemed not necessary? When the time was right we go to hospice house but who determines when.

Rationing in Medicaid system is a fact. It is state by state but is a Federally funded. Three drugs is all a recipient is allowed amonth.  If you have child with three drugs and that child gets sick there is no way for in Medicaid to bill it. The person has to choose what drug to let go or pay the excess. Medicaid recipients have been advised to reuse feeding pouches to save money despite the danger of infection. Children who need braces for their teeth for medical reasons are often refused. Another needs a replacement tube for her trachea twice a month. Medicaid pays for one.   

VA is not completely free for services previous service men and women. The wait is long for treatment.  The hospitals are often far from where the veterans live and often in very poor condition. Some people have to wait all day for services and travel well over an hour or longer depending where they live.

There are those that need help honestly, but there is also known another group that abuse the system. Unfortunately they are the norm.They taint those honest hard working poor just trying to make it.

3. Debt

Payment for the program adds to an already growing debt (report ofCongressional Budget Office). See http://www.usdebtclock.orgto see a real time view of our debt. If we don't get control of the debt, we will be looking at major decline in our daily lives andhealth care will be the least of our worries. Think of all the other services that will be cut - safe roads, law keepers,etc.  And is it even moral to pass this debt on to our children and grandchildren?

See also http://www.politico-cat/node/34.  When you distribute the benefits in the last 6 years of a 10 year program (during which time you are collecting taxes) you should REDUCE the deficit to 0. In fact, you should reduce the DEBT since there are no benefits for the first 4 years.

4. Payment

Our President has promised that he will not raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000. Additional load on those making more WILL discourage investment and WILL slow growth of the private or capitalistic side of our economy, the engine of U.S. prosperity.Additionally, this is part and parcel of "Redistributing the Wealth" which translates to a violation of "Thou shalt not steal." Do we really want class wars? Most of those people have worked hard for that money-not all but most. Many of us have chosen careers that did not pay great.  But for those that did we should celebrate. They followed their dreams. They should not be made to be the bad guys for doing so.

5. Competence

The government has not shown that it can deliver on running Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, VA Hospitals, Indian MedicalCare ("If you are going to get sick, do it before June") or even a "House of Ill Repute". And we now want to turn over16% of our economy to them?

But there are also people and I have known some that make choices to buy toys like a big boat etc, and not health insurance. The government should not require us to pay for their bad choices. As for single mothers. There are responsible single mothers who work in low income jobs to make ends meet, but it more than that.  When everything is given, it robs the person more thanhelps them. This can't be a quick fix. It will fail if that is whatthey do.

Before the government goes charging those of us who have health care because we have sacrificed, let's fix the messed up programs run by the government first.  Not only does the government not run things well, they never re-look at things. So we will be stuck with what they put in place.  It will be too sacred to touch in the future.

6. Reduction of Cost

The law does nothing to reduce the cost of medical care by requiring doctors to practice defensive care and paying huge(40%-60%) of their incomes for malpractice insurance. Democrats willnot pass any thing to restrict incomes of "trial lawyers",their major supporters. There should be a cap in lawsuits. Particularly in the fees that are paid to trial lawyers.

7. Roll of Foundations

No credit is given to the foundations that help people that get seriously ill. We would already have gone bankrupt had it not been from the help from foundations that paid the difference of what our insurance covered and what the costs of the care from my oncologist and the treatment.  To dismiss these organizations and the role they play in providing health-care  to those who need it is to ignore an essential aspect of U.S. capitalist economy.  To supplant it with a government operation is to remove the opportunity of our citizens to be virtuous, and give to those who are in need.

8. Government Option

The government(so-called public) option is really a step toward a single payer (government) plan. Can a private (stockholder held)corporation, who has to have at least as much income as expenditure really survive competing with an entity that can print money to pay bills, forcibly increase revenues by raising taxes, and ration services as is currently the practice in Medicaid, VA care, and Indian medical services?

Groups that are adamant about including the government option have been assured that it will be implemented into law by 2012, or the endof the current presidential term.  That will give the current law, if enacted, time to wipe out its competition.   

9. The Rush.

We have seen how laws rushed though government have been loaded with problems. The stimulus law was loaded with ear-marks and inefficiencies. The "cash for clunkers" program is stumbling, and how many dealers are going to be stuck because the government refuses to pay? And what about the poor, who could have used those clunkers, or us with old cars that cannot get used parts to keep our own running? Most of these programs generated jobs -- but in the government. Who believes these jobs will not stay there.  And now somebody has done the math.  A program to get rid of clunkers costing $3 billion will save our economy less than $300 million a year in fuel costs. 

So why the rush? Could it be that it is the 2010 elections? Are they concerned that they will not be there to do the kind of change they want, not necessarily what is good for the country? If they do reasonably they are in less risk than if they rush towards the cliff like a bunch of lemmings.

Cash for clunkers has not taken into account that these cars were mostly paid for and that people who bought them had more to spend each month than they will now that they are paying a car payment. And yes, those cars could have been donated or at least sold at a lower rate to help the poor. It was not thought out, and we are more in debt. What about all those people that work in the health insurance arena. Where will their jobs go when the government gets in charge? What will happen to the banking industry then?

10. Uninsured

One justification has been the 46 million citizens that are uninsured. The measure of efficacy of our medical system should be the number of citizens that are refused necessary health-care not how many are uninsured. We don't see those numbers, probably because it is not in the interest of the government to publish them.