Guide to Listening to Political Utterances


Tax Break (for the rich) n.
money that the government allows someone to keep from what he has earned.

Entitlement n. a right granted by law or contract, especially to financial benefits from the government (particularly when the beneficiary has been playing for the contract for 50 years) .

Contribution(FICA,Medicare,...) n. Taxes.  As of the 2012 Election Campaign, Democrats have finally owned up to the fact that what they had sold as payroll contributions are really nothing more than taxes.

Fine or Mandate (for not having health insurance) n. Administration convinced SCOTUS that the fine or mandate in the un"Affordable Healthcare Act" was a tax, making the law constitutional under the 16th Amendment.

Truth n. a snippet of a comment from an opposing candidates comments out of context that forwards a candidates agenda.

Investment n. Additional Tax mainly on the middle class where government gets 75% and object mentioned get 25%.

Share v. Take from someone that has and give to somebody that supports the party in power. (e.g like from investors in General Motors to union members)

Level the playing field. 
see share.

Proof of Identity. Document required to drive an automobile, pay or receive Social Security, get a job, get into Democratic National Convention, be buried, join the Armed Forces ..., but not to vote.

/börthör/ n. 1. A person who exhibits the audacity to read the U.S. Constitution, and then demands that his/her government actually obeys it. 2. A derogatory term developed and used by Leftists and Neo-Cons in a lame attempt to marginalize those who harbor the silly notions that Truth matters, and that Republics perish who refuse to uphold the Rule of Law.

Suggested Rules to Follow

If you don't follow these rules, you may be considered a myrmidon.

  • Ignore all ads, articles, emails, and videos that do not show the complete quotation of any person.
  • Listen to targets response to the attack.
  • Use fact-check sources, both pro and con, to see if they shed light on the truth.
  • Determine, based on past history and context where the truth lies.
  • Measure the comments by your own rules of morality.