2 Guns: -5 crimes

"I am a Smith & Wesson 357. Before I retired to GA I was owned by a physician in Detroit. I was called on three times to perform my function. The first time I was removed from the physician's purse to confront a rather large man approaching the physician. On recognizing me, the large man left. The second time, several thugs approached the physician. It was dark and the thugs either did not recognize me or did not believe the physician would pull the trigger. The physician did. The muzzle flash was so bright the thugs were blinded and the physician and I were able to get in her car and leave. The third incident occurred when a thug approached the physician. It was daylight so my muzzle flash was not so bright. The thug continued. I think the second shot hit the assailent, but he left, and so did we."

The Smith & Wesson now belongs to a family where arms are kept, loaded and unlocked.  Another two crimes were prevented when an intruder entered the house.  Two girls heard the intruder break into a basement door. One went to the phone and dialed 911. The other took a bolt action shotgun from its place and proceeded to meet the intruder coming up the steps. As she approached the stairs, she chambered a shell. The intruder apparently recognized the sound and left the same way he had come.   It was over 25 minutes before the police reached the house. 

After the incident with the girls, alone in the house, the owners posted a sign on the basement door with a picture of the business end of the 357 saying "We don't call 911 first!"  There were no incidents after that sign was posted even though there were reports that there were other break-ins.

Certainly, five crimes were prevented by these weapons, any one of which could have caused injury or death of the physician or the girls. How many lives were affected? How many lives were saved (the physician is still working)?