Replace Tax Code!

When John Linder was running for his first term in the House of Representatives, I was a part of a group, Citizens for an Alternative Tax System, that presented him "National Federal Sales Tax" that he adopted and eventually became the "FairTax".  It replaces the current code and has the following features:
  • Eliminates the Federal Tax, Labor Tax, and inheritance tax and replaces them with a simple, one time sales tax.
  • Eliminates targeted taxes that give some businesses tax advantages over others.
  • Eliminates tax compliance costs which costs somewhere between $300 billion and $500 billion a year.
  • Eliminates all individual income tax forms like the 1040.
  • Makes American products more competitive in the world market by removing the labor/income tax costs from the production of the products.
  • Increases savings incentives by moving the tax liability to expendure of wealth from its generation
  • Provides a way to assist taxpayers whos' incomes are below the poverty level.
  • Eliminates the need for employers to hire unproductive staffs to track employees tax liability.
  • Broadens the tax base. Even criminals must pay taxes on expensive homes, cars, and other properties they enjoy.
This system is tried and successful in Texas, Tenessee, Florida, and, to some extent, all states that have a sales tax.
For more detailed information, go here.