Feminism: sounds good in theory; but, rather a mess in practice.

Okay, so yes, I am extrelmely interested in Women's Spirituality and the different movements which comprise Feminist Theology. However, I completely reject political feminism. Within the physical world women AREN'T the same as men and thus there is no equality to be had. Women are physiologically different. Period. Trying to level the playing field is inequitable to BOTH sides. 

Plus, I don't WANT to be treated like a man. Men do not suffer through a week of hell every month. Men do not get pregnant and have a tiny human take over their bodies for nine months culminating in a watermelon sized infant forcing its way out of their who hahs. I expect to be accorded a measure of respect for enduring all that.... Why should men be accorded the same respect for something they cannot (and in most cases would not) do? 

Equality is NOT THE ANSWER. there is no such thing in nature! Trying to force it makes ALL parties miserable. What is more appropriate is that men and women be celebrated and honored for those qualities which make them unique. 

No, I am not suggesting that women are only good for breeding and keeping house. Anyone who knows me, knows that the latter part of that equation is NOT my forté! I am suggesting that income, etc, be based on the efforts and achievements of the individual. NOT on sex or, as feminism would have it, on redistributing equally. If you get right down to it, feminism is a Marxist construct because what you receive is NOT based on what you earn; but, on what you "need". Unfortunately, our country is already full of those who  "need"; but, can't seem to work and it is sinking us.

Go listen to Rush's song, "The Trees". Very simple song with a very deep message.