This blog is for the discussion of the Anti-Christ.  Much internet traffic has surfaced accusing our president of being the Anti-Christ.  This blog is dedicated to learning more about the Anti-Christ (and the general term, anti-christ) 

The host of this blog requests that opinions of the contributors are clearly identified.  Please also include references to the Bible, Torah, Talmud, Qur'an and other scholerly documents.  Note that references to wikipedia should include whether the article is verified or not.



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This Blog has been terminated with publishing the Book under article.  However, the discussion is maintained for some background.

Oooo! This looks like it is going to be fun.

Take anything I say here as a suggestion ---

First, review the Wikipedia entries on the antichrist.  The nice thing about Wikipedia is that they give all sorts or references, particularly scriptural so that you can go as far as you wish in your research.  I just scanned it and found it to be interesting.  I did not search the scripture however.  My idea of the antichrist has always been as described by Origen

"And, in the next place, since evil is specially characterized by its diffusion, and attains its greatest height when it simulates the appearance of the good, for that reason are signs, and marvels, and lying miracles found to accompany evil, through the cooperation of its father the devil"

If I were doing this project, I would use that as my basic premise.

When my daughter was considering joining an organization, I advised her to base her opinion not on what they said, but what they did. 

This isn't a submission, just random thoughts. I just KNOW. Beyond that, he came out of nowhere, many people act like he's Christ and they don't seem to care about citizenship or if he lied. It's like they've lost all sense and when you tell them, they become irrational or act like it's no big deal and why are you worrried?

I would like to worry the institutional church via the so-called religious right. But rather than attack it as some do, I would like for it to be accurate -- at least based on Judao-Christian beliefs.

A friend of mine also says that the AntiChrist will be a Moslem, but I haven't really found scripture for that or that he will be blind in his left eye, as she also says. I have read a prophecy that 'Barak' will do something to set off the Final War, but I can't find that , either--may be Nostradamus, who doesn't count, for our purposes, does he? How much credence do you place on the "Left Behind" Series? Is the Biblical scholarship there?

I enjoyed the "Left Behind" series. But as a work of speculative fiction. As far as Nostradamus is concerned his predictions that have supposedly come true are a stretch in interpretation of his original work. I prefer to stay with the Bible, Talmud, and scholors (but only to give accurate translations and context) As you can see in the Wikipedia, there is a lot of bunk presented in scholarly terms. As far as those circulating emails, I find less truth in them than accuracy.

He's taking over the banks and the big automakers. What other big industries are left? Steel is dead. Coal is under fire from the green machine. Clinton sold us out to China. There's another one who could do no wrong. Paul says that there will be many antichrists and to be on guard. It could be a mindset. However, when I see Obama, I see Evil. He's too slick, to smooth, too polished, with always the right word. The Antichrist will come before Christ comes back.

Several of the descriptions in the Wikipedia certainly fit Obama. However, rather than use the charged definition of antichrist, I prefer to challenge his actions based on Judao-Christian principles. I just got ta write them down.

A few times in my life I have been absolutely convinced of something when everyone else thought I was nuts and I was proved right, but that's not really proof, is it? That includes an earthquake that everyone insisted was a sonic boom until a week later when the USGS confimed a quake. Also, the Bill/ Monica thing. Such things scare me and I pray that my thoughts and ideas come from the Holy Spirit.

Age tends to help you recognize that when you are right, you are not necessarily in the majority. Always understand that when you follow Christ, you are swimming against the current.

I too, have an Interpreter's Bible, but am not particularly adept at using it. My friend who died of cancer left it to me along with an entire bookcase of religious writings, including two huge concordances, Strong's and one for the Revised Standard . I placed it at the Methodist Church here in Hogansville, but they decided they didn't want all those Bible translations and stuff. Took up too much room. So I left and took my Bibles with me. I have given many away to those who want God's Word.

You are talking about the set of about 15 volumes of the Interpreter's Bible, right. And yes, they are difficult to use unless you know the scriptures first. Concordances are usually better for that. The Interpreter's Bible has an exigecis section and an interpreters section to help you understand both the context of the scripture and a scholer's idea of what it means which may or may not be correct.

You should know, also, that I am unchurched. That last experience convinced me that I am just not cut out for the society church thing.

Obama was churched, Clinton was churched, Reagan was not. Being churched does not mean that you are more or less religious than someone unchurched any more than having a PhD makes you smart. Besides, some of the best scholarly word on the Bible have been by agnostics and unbelievers.

As I said from the outset, this exercise looks like it is going to be fun. And make me defend my positions when I take them.


Regarding your suspicion -- Make your case.  I have wanted to do the research and do an article on the same.  Since you are good at research, what about doing an article on the anti-christ for  My idea would be to write the article, independent of using his name, in fact, waiting to the end to illustrate the comparisons (still not using his name).  If you are interested, I have started an outline in www.politico-cat->Religious->
Applications.  Should you choose to do this, I will support you with biblical references (I have the "Interpreters' Bible) to help. 


Am forwarding this with questions.  Can this be proved or is it one of those internet lies?  Does it matter if he was born in Kenya?  His mother was American and isn't he automatically a citizen?  I need to look at the Constitution, myself, to check on presidential qualifications and citizenship.  
Just so you know, I suspect that Obama is the Antichrist.  If he is, nothing we do will make any difference, will it? 


Even though Wikipedia says "dajjal" is not mentioned in the Qur'an he is described in the hadith (oral tradition or the prophecies of Muhammad). And the dajjal is to come to mislead.  The Antichrist is also a general term for people that lead people away from Christ.  In fact, the protestant history contains accusations that certain of the popes and the position of the pope itself are antichrists.  In those emails that I receive concerning the antichrist, there is some confusion of the antichrist and The Anti-Christ.  My definition of a prophet is one who has predited something that has come true.  Unfortunately, that provides me difficulty when considering prophecies that haven't yet come true.  And I am reluctant to accept them as a guide as to how I conduct my life.  My first responsibility is the day-to-day decisions, and to keep them guided by my beliefs. 


"dajjal" is the term for the Antichrist in the Quran.  this is the guy who is blind in his right eye.  don't know where my friend came across this or why she embraced it, but this was right before she accused the government of controlling the weather and poisoning us with vapor trails.  You'd think nobody ever had a drought before.
Moslems believe that Jesus will come again.  (!?!)  This dajjal comes before him to mislead.