I Apologize

To the young people I will be leaving behind.

When you get older you realize that there are some things in life you should have done differently.  There are some things I did as a young person that I now regret because I knew then and now that they were wrong.  All in all, and given the circumstances of my life, i do not regret the path I took.  I am blessed with a loving wife, two beautiful daughters, two exceptional sons in law, and two wonderful grandchildren.

But, looking at my life with 20-20 hind-sight there are some activities I should have taken on, and some battles I should have fought.  The principle of which I am reminded each time I visit http://usdebtclock.org.  Maybe through my failures the young readers of this article may avoid the mistakes I made.

I did not take history seriously enough.  Even though I studied the historical documents of the United States, volunteered to served in the armed forces, voted in most of the elections, served as a jurer, learned about other economic system, and even served as an election pole official, I should have been more vocal and pushed my beliefs about our way of life more.  It is a delicate matter to express your beliefs and yet maintain the attention of those you are trying to convince.  Maybe by being more strident, I could have done more. Maybe I should have made my "One-Man March" to Washington in support of the National Retail Sales Tax, now known as the fair tax, I could have convinced more voters to embrace a solution to our smothering tax system. Maybe, by publicly opposing laws that I feel were not authorized by our founders in the constitution, I could have gained the attention or more of my generation and convinced them that we should have done sooner.

I have lived through an era that saw more advances in the standard of living than any time else in history.  The automobile was just beginning to become the primary mode of transport, the television became available to about everyone,  air conditioned houses were not available (the church I attended had  the first that I remember -- but it consisted of a basement with large metal pans that held ice for the local ice plant), and we shared our telephone with 4 other neighbors that were connected to the same wire.  That history presented me with the temptation to gain more wealth, provide more for my family, and try to improve my status in my community.

Unfortunately, following the course I did caused be to neglect action on a more important aspect of my children and grandchildrens future, their freedom.  The average tax-payer now spends 40% or more of his  working time to pay for government.  That is a form of slavery. 

However, it is getting worse:

I hate to be the predictor of doom and gloom, but --

In the next year, if nothing is done, you will see:
  • The dollar will be replaced as the world reserve economy.  Why?  Because the treasury is printing un-backed currency which will cause inflation rates the likes of which we have not seen since the Jimmy Carter presidency.
  • The stock market (Dow Jones Industrial) will break 10000. Oops it already has!   How much of the stock value is the result of inflation?  Compare with gold prices.
  • Gold price will break $1300 an ounce. -- Oops, it already has.
  • The health care system will start rationing care to citizens based on rules that are yet unpublished. Could some of those rules have to do with your age, party affiliation, area where you vote?  Can an administration who appoints a person with the sole purpose to deal with one cable network be trusted to allocate health care to those who oppose it?
  • The Administration will start ruling by executive order and other means than by our constitution.  Like -- our Environmental Protection Agency has ruled that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is damaging to the environment, meaning the EPA can tax any activity that produces CO2.  Which means they can tax your animals, cattle, horses, dogs, cats, and YOU because they and you produce CO2 by breathing.  I haven't heard whether they will give you a credit for having plants, trees and the like which need CO2 to live.
  • The government will invalidate contracts. Oops, it already has.  By moving the investors interest in GM and Chrysler to below that of the unions, the contract that the investors had with those companies were broken.  If the government will invalidate that agreement, it will invalidate any.  And we wonder why the investors are "staying on the side" and not helping create more new jobs?
  • The national debt, if not all but eliminated by dollars deflated in value, will climb to completely unmanagable levels.
  • Companies receiving bailouts will come back for more. 
Unfortunately, these are only the short term things we will see.  History has taught us that once our producers stop producing and the citizens are demanding more largesse from the government, the country is on its way to a dictatorship or some kind of authoritarian government where freedoms are denied and the wealth is placed in the hands of the few.  Russia, Cuba, and Venezuela come to mind. The attempts to mix freedom with authoritarian governments have not been particularly successful.  Check out any country in Europe.

The young people are the hope of our freedom.  The service of our fighting men holds out the hope that this generation can and will do what your elders have failed to do and that is to restore the United States to its greatness by restoring its citizens'  freedom.  But you must either start now to avoid the necessity of revolution and the suffering that accompanies it.

What must you do?

Study your history.  Understand the capitalistic system, its strengths and weaknesses.  Understand how it creates wealth.  Understand the socialist economic system, its strengths and weaknesses and why it fails.

Participate, run for office, demand of your officials integrity, and vote.  Do not listen to what they say, watch what they do.  Look at those whom they surround themselves.

Do not concentrate your energy on managing the trees without understanding what is happening to the forest, like I did.

Don't be afraid to re-examine our constitution and our laws even to the extent that they should be thrown out and the system be restarted.  Our President and members of his cabinet have already inferred that our Constitution is not the supreme law of the land.

Don't be afraid to reject the two party system.  Voting for the "lesser of two evils" is still voting for evil.  A compromise with evil is still evil.

May God be with you.