Why Obama Won

Obama Wins!

The Takers, and Progressives give Obama a win in the election of 2012.

The political pundits are stumbling over each other trying to determine what Romney did wrong, or listing things he should have done to win the election. This writer believes that there is nothing he could do. Only three commentators have touched on the real problem. O'Reilly says that our population “Wants Stuff”, Krauthammer says “the argument, basically, to boil it down, it's the givers and takers”, and Limbaugh says “You can't win against Santa Clause”. Romney's loss should not be characterized in terms of the Hispanic, Black, Youth, Sex, and White votes. It should be characterized in terms of Producers, Takers, and Progressives.

With the help of churches, which refused to take a stand against Obama regarding their right contained in Amendment 1 of the Constitution of the United States of America, the Universities, whose professors ignore basic human rights in order to promote their own liberal agenda, the youth who yet have had to really work for their living, and campaign workers who cast truth aside, the Takers and Progressives, who now constitute over 50% of the U.S. Electorate combined to have Obama is returned to office for another 4 years. The job now is honestly identifying the voters in those terms rather than meekly, in the name of political correctness, identifying other divisions.

Venn Diagram
The Venn diagram represents the voters in the 2012 election in terms of the types of voters, Takers, Progressives and Producers. Yellow represents the Takers, Red, the Progressives, and Green the producers. Orange represents those who are both Takers and Producers, Light Green represents Takers and Producers, Dark Orange is Progressives and Producers, and White represents all three.

Examples of Each

How do we identify them?

Producers (green)

The Producers are the life blood of the capitalistic economic system. They include everyone who is contributing to sustaining and improving the life of others with their own resources. The lowest paid janitor, garbage man, and factory worker to the housewife, honest journalist, teacher, entrepreneur trying to start a business, plant supervisor, manager, CEO and billionaire business investor are all included in this group. By default, retired people who have contributed to plans like Social Security, IRAs, or just banked or invested their money during their productive years and are now living on those funds are also included in the Producers.

The Takers (yellow)

The Takers are those who believe that life owes them something. They include people that are receiving more from the government, and charitable organizations that their net contribution to the well being of others. Government employees, other than the military, generally fall into this group. Even though Government employees generally mean well, they do not realize that their efforts cost as much as 75% of the funding resources, usually tax, that is paid by the taxpayers leaving only 25% which goes to the people and programs for which they are intended. It should be noted that charitable organizations and foundations usually do better, about 50% or more.

The Progressives (red)

The progressives, because of their wealth, education, family, or station in life, believe that they are the ones that should control the lives of others. This includes but is not limited to, what you eat, how much you can make, how much medical care you can receive, what you can say, where you can live, how big your family is, who can be born, and how much of your resources belong to the government. Prominent in that list are the Obamas, the Clintons, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Valarie Jarrett, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and many others that make politics their careers. They often follow the teachings of Karl Marx and Mao who reject capitalistic principles along with many of the Judao-Christian teachings. They generally believe that the ends justify the means, that from those according to their ability, to those according to their need. They seek equality by the redistribution of wealth without consideration of the source of that wealth. Another phrase that identifies them from the Johnson era is “Take from the haves, and give to the have-nots”. And of course, they feel justified to skim some from the redistribution to take million dollar vacations and retire to homes at the expense of those from the wealth was taken. They typically recast meaning of words like investment (the outlay of money for income or profit) to mean outlay of taxpayer money to accomplish some progressive objective, like the Federal Governments “Investment” in “Green Energy”, or education, or Health-care. If a producer thought green energy could be produced to compete with carbon based energy, entrepreneurs would have invested their own resources in bringing it to market without using taxpayer money. The best health-care system, even with its problems and high cost resulted from producers in the health-care arena, not the government.

The Progressive-Takers (orange)

As the name suggests, the Progressive-Takers, are those that believe they are owed something they didn't earn but have the power to control the lives of others. Union Leaders who produce absolutely nothing, but as their vocation strive to increase benefits of organized Takers are a part of this group.

The Progressive-Producers (white)

One would think that there are few of those. Unfortunately, it appears that many successful producers, once they have made it big, believe that they should take Progressive positions. This includes Mitt Romney, and many Republican leaders who have compromised away many of their principles to remain in office. Almost all leaders tend to forget the effect on freedom when considering apparently laudable projects like Social Security, Medicare, welfare programs, education, local emergencies (hurricanes, floods, and the like). Even projects that attack problems associated with parts of the economy that have been successfully served by capitalistic enterprises like health-care. One only needs to look at the projected costs and results of the Affordable Health-Care law critically to understand the freedoms that U.S. Citizens have lost. And they include not only the costs, but also the freedoms.

Governing what insurance companies can and can't cover will necessarily raise the rates paid by all subscribers. And, of course, the government under this program has the authority to establish its own insurance company to compete with the private ones. And, it is obvious that a government “company”, which isn't required to make a profit, pay taxes, and has the taxpayer to underwrite, can charge lower rates, and run the private companies out of business quickly to establish a government monopoly which can raise rates to cover the costs of a “Post Office” like “Company”.

What can we do?

Probably very little. But something will be done. Producers and investors alike are getting the message. The more they produce, the more will be taken from them and redistributed. They answer by producing less and hiring fewer people to help them. Some, in their self interest will join the takers or the progressives. One can hope that the United States will establish some equilibrium like many of the European nations but at some point the takers will decide to take everything the producers have and revolution will ensue where the takers are fighting each other for what is left. Our government is already taking steps to raise energy rates by regulating the carbon fuel companies out of business. Once coal is too expensive, the government will go after oil. Electric cars are already out there, but nobody seems to recognize that an electric car has a larger energy footprint that a conventional petroleum powered car.

In order to turn this situation around, the takers will need to be educated about the capitalistic system and its advantages. Our government schools cannot be trusted to do that. That is evidenced by the programs that are now being taught and the attitudes of the teachers that profit is a bad thing, that the government is the ultimate arbiter of distribution of wealth, and that the progressives, who believe that good things should be done but with other people's money, are the true leaders of a culture. Teachers that know and teach propaganda rather than the truth and how to learn.

The Best Bet

Probably go to a third world country where work is still recognized as a valuable commodity. Costa Rica was, when we visited there. One evidence, at least to me, was the condition of the airport terminal in San Jose. I'm sure the janitors there were at the bottom of the pay scale there, but they kept the terminal spotless. People there did things to earn money, even if it was just to keep an eye on your car to keep it from being damaged.